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With its CATALYZING-PROTECTIVE-RECONDITIONING actions, it is particularly recommended for hair going through, or already exposed to, caustic treatments (colouring, bleaching, perms, hair straightening, etc.). It mixes smoothly with liquids, creams or powders and it rinses off easily. It is, therefore, the "cure-all" for the hairdresser who wishes to achieve healthy, beautiful, better coloured or bleached, better wavy or straight hair with less breakage.



In order to restore a more natural, uniform and lasting pigmentation to discoloured or partially gray hair, as well to give back its body and shine, apply on washed hair, everywhere as if it was a mask, the following mix:

  • 20-25 ml. of hair colour (a lighter shade than the original one)

  • 8 teaspoons of Algena

  • 20 ml. of water

  • 10 ml. of 20V hydrogen peroxide.

Let it set for 30 minutes or more, rinse and dry.


Add 4 teaspoons of Algena to the normal dosages of colours or bleaching agents, mix well,  and continue as you normally would..

  • prevents the surfacing of unsightly red or yellow

  • protects the hair and scalp

  • gives hair more body as well as better coverage and brightness

You will achieve better results and every colour, or bleaching, will appear more natural and shiny.


Mix well, in 50 ml of hot water, 10 ml of neutral shampoo – one abundant dosage of restructuring cream – 8 teaspoons of Algena. After shampooing and rinsing the hair, apply the above mix from the roots to the ends. Allow it to thoroughly penetrate, by repeatedly combing each lock and massaging the hair backward (from the ends to the roots). Let it set for 15 minutes, rinse well and style. Regularly repeat this mask and both you and your clients will be surprised by the results! This treatment is also recommended for split ends.


Mix well with one dosage of perm solution the same dosage of Algena powder. Apply the above mix to the hair and use the rods that you normally would use. After letting it set, rinse and neutralize well. Continue as usual. This process will allow you to style at your leisure straight or curly hair (straight or wavy at the same time!).


Thicken the perm liquid by mixing its normal dosage well with 6 teaspoons of Algena. Continue as you normally would. This will prevent dripping, and give protection and body to the hair, you will be able to better control the locks, you will achieve a perm that is full of volume and natural.  


With the following method you will achieve stick-straight hair for every curl or wave.

  1. do NOT shampoo

  2. in a non-metallic bowl, thoroughly mix 1 dosage of perm liquid with 2 dosages of Algena (more or less liquid, depending on the conditions and types of hair that you wish to straighten)

  3. ask the client to stay still with the head bowed and, if she has long hair, ask her to uncover the upper part of her back (head motions and non-rigid gowns cause wrinkles and folds)

  4. separate your client's hair into 4 sections: back, front and 2 sides

  5. starting at the nape, take a thin sub-section of hair and make sure that there are no gaps or bumps due to differences in pulling

  6. comb this central section from the nape setting it straight, lay it on the neck or back, hold it tight with one hand; with the other hand, and using the brush, apply the above mix at a distance of half a centimetre from the roots

  7. after applying it to the section, do not comb, but flatten the hair using the back of the comb

  8. having laid the foundation, continue with more sub-sections using the same procedure: comb and pull the new sub-section, lay it on the one below that already has the mix applied, apply the mix on this one at a distance of half a centimetre from the roots

  9. when you are finished with the back of the head, form an angle on the other sections so that the lateral sub-sections will be positioned and gathered towards the centre of the head

  10. let it set between 10 and 20 minutes on treated hair, at least 40 minutes on virgin hair

  11. rinse well making sure you are not breaking down the given direction: for this reason, let lukewarm water penetrate everywhere and open up the sections using your hands

  12. carefully perform the neutralization, by combing every section more than once and starting with accuracy from the roots

  13. let it set for 5 minutes, rinse and wash with a delicate shampoo.

Approximate Number of Applications per 500 g*

*Assumes total colour mixture of 120 ml and perm solution of 100 ml. One tsp of Algena weighs approximately 3 g.